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Human rights: your beliefs and opinions

The Bill of Rights is contained in the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa (“Constitution”) and protects a person’s basic human rights (such as the rights to equality, human dignity, life and so on). Human rights are based on the values of society and must be carefully balanced to ensure that, although persons can exercise their human rights, they also have a responsibility to respect the human rights of others.
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Understanding a Rent to Own Agreement (Movable Property)

Many individuals may not be able to afford to purchase movable property in cash or on credit (through getting a loan). A Rent to Own Agreement (“Agreement”) can be useful for such individuals. The Agreement will allow one person (“Renter”) to rent something from another person (“Owner”) and to have full use of the property with the intention to become the Owner of the property at the end of the duration of the Agreement (through instalment payments).
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