LegalWise plays a significant role in the social and economic development of South Africans, through the provision of access to justice for all and through investing human and financial resources into the communities within which we operate. LegalWise is committed to alleviating poverty, unemployment and inequality within South Africa. In order to facilitate transformation, LegalWise believes in the power of connecting people and establishing shared value partnerships that ensure a meaningful impact in community development. All this is achieved with the support of the LegalWise management and staff, as well as their Members, who believe in working together to improve the lives of all South Africans.

LegalWise believes in a philosophy of starting with what you have and building on what you know.  Focus is placed on the strengths and capabilities within communities rather than on needs and deficiencies. This approach empowers people to contribute meaningfully to their own development and toward acknowledging both their rights and responsibilities.

Examples of LegalWise’s involvement in community development include:

Employee Volunteerism

LegalWise fosters a culture of community engagement among its employees, providing opportunities for participation in community building activities.

  • Payroll Giving

o    Each month, LegalWise employees donate funds from their salaries to the Give-As-You-Earn programme. These contributions are matched on a rand-for-rand basis by the Company and disbursed to beneficiary organisations through Charities Aid Foundation Southern Africa -

  • Employee Community Service

o    Employees are provided with ongoing opportunities to volunteer their time, talents and capabilities to strengthen communities through sustained, partnership-driven relationships - Case Study

  • Employee Participation

o    Participation in Charity Days and celebration of National Days of interest is encouraged among LegalWise employees – Case Study

Enterprise development

LegalWise provides business development support to existing small, micro businesses to improve their capacity to expand and generate profits.

  • Ikhala Trust

o    LegalWise supports Ikhala Trust in their efforts to provide small grants to community based organisations with the aim of improving livelihoods in rural areas of the Eastern Cape - 

  • The Message Trust

o    LegalWise supports Gangstar Enterprises, the micro-enterprise development initiative of The Message Trust.  Gangstar Enterprises exists to provide youth out of prison with employment opportunities, mentorship and entrepreneurial support - 


LegalWise believes that quality education is the foundation of success. Flagship projects in education include:

  • Assisting the Sizwile School for the Deaf, based in Dobsonville, Soweto, to build a specialist library. LegalWise has supported the school for the past four years by establishing a bakery in 2012 followed by a food garden in 2013 - Case Study
  • Offering bursaries to our Members for studies in the legal and business administration fields - Case Study  
  • Bursary applications for the 2018 academic year are now closed 

Case Studies

  • Community Development Foundation Western Cape
    • LegalWise supported the Community Development Foundation WC to improve food security and the ability of the youth to create their own livelihoods - Case Study
  • Ekwaluseni High School in Bergville, KZN
    • LegalWise assisted the community to build a library at the school  - Case Study
  • Community Advise Offices
    • LegalWise provided support to the Community Advice Office sector by participating in the Dullah Omar Summer School for Paralegals, developing and facilitating the Family Law module – Case Study