Tebello Motshwane is an Attorney by profession and obtained her law degree from the University of Johannesburg. In her personal capacity she is a mother and a wife. Professionally, Tebello is currently a consultant at RAMS Attorneys and a Managing Director at Collective Intelligence Legal Consultants.

Tebello established Sister In Law, her passion project, in 2018 after realizing that women would often approach her for legal insights pertaining to their households and domestic violence. She came to realize that the lack of education and resources for women dates back to when her parents divorced and her mother was not privileged enough to know basic legal concepts pertaining to the consequences of divorce, child maintenance and estate planning. Her interest in this field is what led her to pursuing a degree in law and ultimately incorporating Sister In Law which is “a platform dedicated to empowering women (and the community) through legal education”. The platform also extends to creating awareness around gender based violence and facilitating campaigns which encourage women and children to speak out against GBV, and men to speak and act out against injustices against women and children. 

Tebello is passionate about the legal profession and has done extensive work in uplifting young girls and women who she interacts with on a daily basis and those within her community at large. She has been featured in magazines and interviewed on TV and radio shows which have highlighted her passion for empowering women through legal education and have particularly focused on how she uses her knowledge in family law and criminal law to empower and serve South African women.

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