Our core purpose is to protect, defend and provide affordable access to justice for our Members; equally, we believe that creating an environment that is unique to all employees is vital to attracting and keeping motivated staff. LegalWise is rooted in a strong communal history, initiated by the Founder, Zak Crafford, who encouraged informal platforms to engage with staff, regardless of hierarchical structures. To this effect, we continuously ensure a positive working environment, characterised by diversity and equality where people feel appreciated and valued. We believe in our people and understand that in order to achieve our quest, it is important to deliver appropriate and professional legal services and build relationships with our Members through effective human resources. Everyone aligned and working together, creates a powerful work-force and the appropriate platform to deliver on the premise of providing access to justice for the South African society.

Our Culture and Core Values

Integrity – We build trust and honesty in our working environment and encourage a culture of taking responsibility for our actions and always doing what is right.

Relationships – We believe good relationships drive our service, therefore our people are driven and have the will to deliver appropriate and professional services at all times.

Loyalty – We value and respect the different individuals within our organisation. We try to create an enviroment that is supportive, inclusive, interesting, open and conducive to the personal development ensuring commitment amongst our staff.

Innovation – Our people inspire each other and are committed to continuous improvement by turning creative ideas into effective and workable solutions.

LegalWise is committed to fair and ethical recruitment practices that support the South African legislative requirements. Our remuneration structures are market related and support equal opportunities. We provide career development opportunities that allow employees to demonstrate new skills and learning. The well-being of our people is important to us, therefore we encourage a work/life balance through wellness initiatives and employee assistance programs for staff.

Recruitment Process

When a new position becomes available it will be advertised internally before being sent externally. If, from your application, you appear to meet the criteria we have outlined in the job advertisement, you will be shortlisted. Interviews will then be conducted by a panel who, with the aid of psychometric tests will place the successful candidate in the position.

Addressing Skills Development

Our LegalWise Academy is provides training and development of our employees in order to enhance their skills. As a means to address educational needs, we offer an internal bursaries initiative for our staff and encourage our employees to further their studies in work related fields.  Scholarships are also awarded to the qualifying children of employees.

Engaging Communities

We aim to enable transformation in the communities in which we operate. This is achieved through the support of our management and staff for initiatives such as the Give-As-You-Earn Programme. Employees donate a portion of their salaries to various charitable organisations through Charities Aid Foundation Southern Africa (CAFSA). This support results in a generous contribution to the benefit of the organisations. This allows our staff to support the charities of their choice and give back to the community. Our employees are always willing to volunteer towards our Employee Participation programmes that are implemented through various charity and environmental initiatives. These programmes help us build strong relationships with our communities and also loyalty toward our brand amongst staff Members.

Corporate Governance Statement

LegalWise is a registered Financial Services Provider and is committed to maintaining the highest standards of corporate governance. We comply with all principles and regulations imposed by relevant legislation.