August 31, 2020

In preparation for the 2021 academic year, the LegalWise Member Bursary Programme application process opened on 1 August 2020. LegalWise invites bursary applications from our Members and their children who have already completed or are currently completing their first year of study at an approved public university towards one of the following degrees: LLB; BCOM (Law); BA (Law); BCOM (Accounting); BCOM (Human Resource Management); BA (Human Resource Management); BCOM (Management); BSc (Industrial Psychology).

“Bursary Holders not only benefit from financial support, but also from academic guidance and psycho-social support provided through our dedicated mentorship programme. Our Alumni also play an active role in integrating new Bursary Holders into the Programme,” says Lesley Haynes, Manager: Employee and Community Engagement.

LegalWise is committed to not only providing opportunities for students to access tertiary education through our Member Bursary Programme but to provide them with skills which will enable them to succeed in their chosen field.

In the words of Nelisa, one of our 2020 Bursary Holders, “I will be receiving a wealth of knowledge, experience and ample networking opportunities. The skills that I obtain from working for LegalWise will set me apart from the average law student and the payment of my tuition eases the financial stress I carry while studying.”

Forms can be downloaded here or collected from your nearest LegalWise Branch.