June 12, 2020


The following questions will provide clarity on some of the legal terms you will encounter throughout this WiseUp Newsletter.

Question: Can I be discriminated against in the workplace because of my age?

Answer:  > The Employment Equity Act (“EEA”) protects employees against discrimination in the workplace through promoting equal opportunities and fair treatment of employees.

>  An employer may not unfairly discriminate against an employee on certain grounds, for example, age, gender, sexual orientation, religion and pregnancy. This is in line with the right to equality that is protected by the Constitution.

> This means that an employer is not allowed  to hire an employee purely on the basis of  his/her  age.

> These provisions regarding unfair discrimination will also apply to youth who are applying for employment.

Question: Are there any initiatives that assist the youth to seek employment?

Answer: > As part of the services provided by the National Youth Development Agency (“NYDA”), they have a JOBS Program to which CVs can be sent to.

> The JOBS Program is a database for unemployed youth seeking employment where they assist with linking the unemployed youth to employment or other development opportunities.

> They can be contacted on their Customer Service number at 0800 52 52 52.

> Alternatively, CVs can be sent to the relevant e-mail addresses as set out on their website at http://www.nyda.gov.za/Products-Services/Education-and-Skills

Question: What other opportunities are there for youth development?

Answer: > Apart from the initiatives set out by NYDA, there are various other opportunities for youth development either in the private sector or public sector.

> The Government provides for bursaries, internships and learnerships as part of youth development.

>  More details can be found at https://www.gov.za/issues/government-and-opportunities-youth.

Question: Can someone who never worked before claim from the Unemployment Insurance Fund (“UIF”)?

Answer: > Unfortunately, the South African youth sometimes struggle to get employment and this leaves them without an income for long periods.

> Even though the UIF is established to assist the unemployed, there are certain requirements that must be met before one can claim from the UIF, for example, the person needs to:

-  be or must have been employed;

-  make or made monthly contributions to the UIF; and

-  work or worked more than 24 hours a month.

Did you know…The National Youth Development Agency provides a database for unemployed youth seeking employment.