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  Legalwise Wiseup  
  April 2016  
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Increasing Literacy in the Community

Soweto – LegalWise showed its commitment to increasing literacy in South Africa as it launched a new and unique library environment at the Sizwile School for the Deaf in Dobsonville, Soweto.

The library, which is housed in a uniquely designed container, is fully stocked with a broad range of books and boasts an innovative, creative environment with flexible multifunctional spaces that promote reading as an activity that is pleasurable and useful.

The Sizwile School for the Deaf caters for approximately 300 children between the ages of 3 - 18 years old.  These children have different hearing impairments and follow the standard school curriculum, however a few of the children with additional challenges follow a vocational education programme.

“Literacy and education is vital for the development of the future leaders of our country,” said Lesley Haynes, Corporate Social Investment Manager at LegalWise. “We hope that through the provision of this library, we will help foster a culture of reading and enquiry in the school, but also make a sustainable contribution to education in South Africa and to many of its disadvantaged communities”.

“Through this Corporate Social Investment (CSI) initiative, we hope to see some of these learners encouraged to become more engaged and motivated readers aiding in their cognitive development and overall academic progress” she says.

The library will follow a specifically designed programme with specific deliverables integrating library time and weekly time tables for all grades.  Mr. Emmanuel Luvhimbi, Principal at Sizwile School for the Deaf says: “Government has identified education as a national priority, and with only a minimal percentage of the nation’s schools having functional libraries, the partnership with LegalWise has afforded children the opportunity to learn how to read in a conducive environment”.

“The learners will, from a young age be able to experience and enjoy a real library, which will strengthen other values such as responsibility, passion, quality education and the need for lifelong learning. And for this, the staff, the School Governing Body, and the community would like to thank LegalWise,” he concludes.

The initiative will see future developments in audio visual technology and enhancing content for deaf and hard of hearing learners in South African sign language.

LegalWise has built a firm relationship with the school over the past 6 years, having also invested in the establishment of a successful bakery and a food garden at the school.


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Increasing Literacy in the Community
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