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  31 January 2018  
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Legal Expenses Accidental Death Benefit

As a main Member you are also assured that in the event of your accidental death your beneficiaries will receive a lump sum of money to assist with the winding down of your estate. Below are details as well as terms and conditions of how Legal Expenses Accidental Death benefit works.

  1. This benefit is an integral part of the LegalWise Membership Agreement. It cannot be bought as a stand-alone policy.
  2. If the Member suffers from an accidental death, we will pay a lump sum in cash to the beneficiary appointed by the main Member. The amounts are Gold Member R9 000, GoldPLUS R13 500 and Platinum Member R22 000
  3. The cash payment is to fund the legal costs of reporting and winding up of the deceased estate, dealing with debtors (including Workman’s Compensation and the Road Accident Fund if applicable) and creditors (including estate duty) and obtaining expert financial, legal and tax advice.
  4. The cash payment will be made to the nominated beneficiary, if that beneficiary is 18 years or older. If not, or if nobody is nominated as a beneficiary, the lump sum will be paid into the deceased estate.
  5. By "accidental death" we mean death in the RSA as a result of a sudden, violent and unforeseeable:
    • Road traffic or transport related accident
    • An accident while performing your duties as an employee
    • An accident at your place of residence or while on holiday or visiting friends
    • An accident while shopping or visiting places of entertainment or other public places for personal and private purposes
    • Assault or murder
    • Medical negligence
    Please note: Death by natural causes and suicide are not accidental.
  6. This benefit is conditional on us receiving the LEAD Claim Form which forms part of this Agreement.
  7. Additional conditions may apply to this benefit.

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