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  Legalwise Wiseup  
  September 2017  
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How to make the most of your LegalWise Membership
You've got a legal matter. What now? Follow this step-by-step guide to enjoy the benefits of your LegalWise Membership.

Step 1

In legal matters, some laws have time limits to start or defend a Case. If You miss a deadline, you may lose your right to sue or defend.

You must report a matter to Us as soon as possible. We are not responsible if You lose Your rights because You did not report a matter in time.

You can report a matter on the 24 hour LegalLine, at a Branch or at claims@legalwise.co.za.

If Your issue is a labour or civil matter (not criminal), Our Legal Counsellors will try to resolve it on a reasonable basis.

If We decide that We cannot resolve it, or that it is complicated or requires immediate action, or it is a criminal matter, We will refer You to a LegalWise Network Lawyer or You can consult Your own Lawyer.

Step 2

If You have chosen a LegalWise Network Lawyer, s/he will submit a LegalWise Claim Form (LCF) to Us on Your behalf.

If You choose another Lawyer, You or Your Lawyer must submit the LCF to Us. (See Step 3 - Second Option)

We cannot process Your claim for Insurance Benefits unless We have received the LCF. The LCF is available in Branch and on www.legalwise.co.za or on request.

PLEASE NOTE: Once We have received the LCF, and before We can decide whether Your matter qualifies for Insurance Benefits or not, We may request more information from You or Your Lawyer.

If it qualifies, We will issue a written Confirmation of Cover to Your Lawyer, but please note:

We will not pay legal expenses incurred before We have issued a written Confirmation of Cover.

Step 3 – First Option

If You elect to choose a LegalWise Network Lawyer, We have the information about who specialises in particular types of cases. You can request that information from Us.

LegalWise Network Lawyers have agreed to charge according to the LegalWise Tariffs and to assist You to comply with Your obligations under this Agreement.

Your LegalWise Network Lawyer will deal directly with Us in connection with Your Benefit claim and there is no risk of being charged above the LegalWise Tariffs, which may happen under Step 3 - Second Option.

Step 3 – Second Option

If You have chosen a Lawyer who is not a LegalWise Network Lawyer, You must provide Us with a LegalWise Claim Form (if We have not received it yet), within 7 days of consulting with that Lawyer. Please be aware that the Lawyer:

  • may not be prepared to charge at the LegalWise Tariffs or,
  • may not agree to assist You to comply with our reasonable requests for relevant information.

It is in Your own interests to clarify the 2 points above with Your Lawyer.

If You or Your Lawyer do not provide Us with information We reasonably need to process Your Insurance Benefit claim, We will not pay any of Your legal expenses.

If Your Lawyer agrees to co-operate but does not agree to charge at the LegalWise Tariffs, We will adjust the Lawyer's total charges to the LegalWise Tariffs and pay that amount.

You will then be personally responsible to pay the shortfall to your Lawyer out of Your own pocket.

Visit your nearest LegalWise Branch, call 086 142 7777 or e-mail claims@legalwise.co.za for more information or if you have a legal matter and would like to report a claim.

What’s New? If you have chosen a Lawyer who is not a LegalWise Network Lawyer, You must provide Us with a LegalWise Claim Form within 7 days of consulting with that Lawyer.

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