Our BBBEE Philosophy

LegalWise is committed to playing its part in building a democratic, non-discriminatory and equitable role in the economic transformation of South Africa. We embrace diversity in our workforce by applying the policies of employment equity and recognising the diversity of our people by fostering an organisational culture of awareness, tolerance and inclusivity.

We strive to build justice and equality so that we can help transform and contribute towards sustainable growth and development in our country. This is evident in our continuous efforts toward providing South Africans with appropriate legal counselling and access to justice. Legal rights should not discriminate against their victims nor distinguish in favour of a higher class and skills.

To further highlight our commitment toward transformation within our supplier networks and partnerships, we are currently developing programmes to ensure that all our panel of attorneys are BBBEE certified. As part of our Corporate Social Investment strategic partnerships programme, we also provide business development support to small, micro businesses to improve their capacity to generate profit.

The culmination of these efforts has been formally assessed by an external rating agency and the Group has been certified as B-BBEE compliant.