Paralegal Services & Insurance Cover

  • Legal assistance via our website, App, Facebook, Twitter or WhatsApp during office hours. 
  • Access to our in-house Legal Counsellors who will attempt to resolve your legal issues without you going to court.
  • Branches countrywide.
  • 24/7, 365 access via our LegalLine.

LegalSure Insurance Cover 

  • Up to R340 000 for legal fees per case.
  • You, your spouse or life partner and children under 18 are covered.
  • Cover for civil, criminal and labour related cases.
  • Access to the LegalWise Network of over 220 legal firms to represent you.
  • Fees paid at the LegalWise tariff rates, giving you more legal power.
  • Option to select a lawyer who is not on the LegalWise Network. 

Insurance cover is subject to a 3 month waiting period and exclusions. The main exclusions are listed below as follows:

  • Business activities.
  • Matrimonial matters (e.g. marriage, divorce, maintenance disputes, custody disputes, etc.).
  • Defamation claim by you.
  • Matters involving you as a member, public officer, trustee, executor, curator or spokesperson.
  • Collective or class action.
  • A dispute with a claim value less than R5 000.
  • An act aimed at promoting or frustrating economic, political, social or environmental change.
  • Matters with an option to pay a fine without a conviction.
  • Matters that arose before you joined LegalWise or during your 3 months waiting period. 

* Full list of exclusions is contained in Section 6 of the LegalWise Membership Agreement.

For more information about our legal and insurance cover click here legal services page. Alternatively, click here to join membership sign-up page