Paralegal Services

  • Legal assistance and advice from our in-house Legal Counsellors in Branch, over the phone, online or via video consultation.
  • Access to Legal Specialists experienced in the types of matters we handle, who will mediate and negotiate on your behalf in an attempt to resolve legal issues without the need to go to court.
  • Branches countrywide.
  • 24, 7, 365 LegalLine for immediate access day or night.

Insurance Cover 

  • Up to R360 000 for legal fees per case.
  • For you, your spouse or life partner and children under 18 are covered.
  • Cover for civil, criminal and labour related cases.
  • Access to the LegalWise Network of over 220 legal firms to represent you.
  • Negotiated Tariffs with Legal Network providing more legal power.
  • Choice of Representation with the option to select a lawyer who is not on the LegalWise Network.
  • Insurance cover is subject to a 3 month waiting period. 

Claims are subject to an Excess Amount Payable that is equal to 2 x your monthly premium. The main exclusions are listed below.

  • Business activities.
  • Matrimonial matters (e.g. marriage, divorce, maintenance disputes, custody disputes, etc.).
  • Defamation claim by you.
  • Matters involving you as a member, public officer, trustee, executor, curator or spokesperson.
  • Collective or class action.
  • A dispute with a claim value less than R5 000.
  • An act aimed at promoting or frustrating economic, political, social or environmental change.
  • Matters with an option to pay a fine without a conviction.
  • Matters that arose before you joined LegalWise or during your waiting period. 

* Full list of exclusions is contained in Section 6 of the LegalWise Membership Agreement.

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