Profession Specific Legal Plans

An additional option for teachers, healthcare professionals, police, security guards and members of the defence force. Add it to the plan you choose for R20 per month and you will get:

  • Up to an extra R60 000 for legal fees from matters arising during the course and scope of your employment.
  • Free antiretroviral treatment. In the case of accidental exposure to HIV.
  • Trauma counselling that includes telephonic, face-to-face, couple and group therapy conducted by skilled professionals.
  • LegalSure Insurance Benefits for defamation to protect your professional reputation even if it requires going to court.










R100 000

R154 000

R260 000

Add Profession Specific Legal Plan




Total Premium




Extra Cover

R60 000

R60 000

R60 000

Cumulative Cover*

R160 000

R214 000

R305 000


* For legal expenses arising from legal matters related to your profession. 

Get up to R75 000 for legal fees for your extended family

The Extended Family Protection Benefit

Give the people close to you the protection they deserve.

For R75 per month each you can give your extended family up to R75 000 for legal fees per case.

What is the Extended Family Protection Benefit?

The Extended Family Protection Benefit allows you to add up to 5 extended family members to your LegalWise Membership for only R75 each per month.

Who can you add to your Membership as an extended family member?

Extended family members are parents, parents-in-law, your children over the age of 21, brothers, sisters and brothers and sisters-in-law.

You can add your parents and/or parents-in-law. Each couple count as one Member if they are married and living together. It will only cost you an additional R70 per month to make them both Members.

Do they get their own Membership number?

No, extended family members use the same Membership number as the main Member, but we require their addresses if different from main Member in order to communicate with them.

Who pays the premium?

The Extended Family Protector premium is added to the main Member’s premium and paid by the main Member.

*Terms and conditions apply. Refer to the LegalWise Membership Agreement.

Table of Benefits

Legal Benefits


Face-to-face para-legal services in LegalWise Branches countrywide.


24-hour legal assistance via LegalLine.


LegalSure Insurance Benefits for criminal, civil and labour related matters.



LegalSure Insurance Benefits for legal fees per case.


Up to Subject to a three-month waiting period.

Up to R75 000

Access to the LegalWise Network of over 300 legal firms.



Option to select a lawyer who is not


on the LegalWise Network.


Three-month money back guarantee.


Premium (per family member per month)


2 Easy Ways to add your family members to your Membership

  1. Call 086 155 5654
  2. Visit your nearest LegalWise Branch