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Acknowledgment of Debt

A written statement stating that a person (the debtor) owes another person or entity (the creditor) a sum of money. It specifies how the debt is repaid. Download

Employment Agreement

An agreement that regulates the terms and conditions between a domestic worker and employer. A domestic worker is a person who works in a household - a gardener, cleaner, driver or care giver. Download

Lease Agreement

An agreement that regulates the terms and conditions between a lessee and lessor, for the lessee to rent residential property (such as a house)for a period less than 10 years. Download

Offer to Purchase

A once off sale of immovable property. Once it is signed, it becomes a deed of sale. Download

Power of Attorney

A written document where a person (the principal) appoints and authorises another person (the agent) to generally act on his behalf. Download

Settlement Agreement

Prior to a divorce, the spouses may regulate the consequences of their divorce by means of an agreement. It may be incorporated into a court order. Download