• What is discrimination?
  • Can discrimination be fair?
  • Are the human rights of undocumented children in South Africa impacted?
  • Are mandatory vaccinations infringing on human rights?

Answers to your Covid-19 questions

  • Is the cancellation of an advanced booking allowed and can the supplier charge a cancellation fee?
  • What about cancellation of bookings or reservations due to travel bans and restrictions on gatherings?
  • Is there a duty on suppliers to warn consumers if services or goods may impose a risk as a result of the long-term effects or complications from Covid-19?
  • Can I travel out of South Africa this festive season?
  • How can you get your digital vaccination certificate?

Legal scenarios clarified

  • What is meant with a right to make decisions concerning reproduction?
  • Is surrogacy legal in South Africa?
  • Should a woman always take her husband's last name upon marriage?