family and customary matters

Child Abuse

High levels of violence, abuse, exploitation and neglect of children exist in South Africa. These children are affected emotionally and physically with long-lasting psychological consequences.

Customary Marriages

What does the Law say regarding customary marriages and their validity? Find out by reading this article on customary marriages.

Women’s Rights in Business

Read this article about women's rights in business, including the right to maternity leave and to not be discriminated against nor be sexually harassed.

civil procedure



Cyber Bullying

With technology and social media taking everyone by storm, a new movement is online abuse. This is also known as cyberbullying and refers to when a person is bullied or harassed by using electronic devices, such as cell phones and computers.

estates planning

Dangers of Not Having a Will

If a person dies without a Will, his/her deceased estate will be distributed in terms of the Intestate Succession Act. This is also known as the rules of intestate succession.

Guardian’s Fund

The Guardian’s Fund is established to protect and manage money on behalf of certain persons, such as children (persons below the age of 18 years), those who are not able to manage their own affairs or those who could not be found. The money held at the Guardian’s Fund is generally received from inheritance.

Requirements of a Valid Will

There are specific requirements a Will must comply with which are regulated by the Wills Act 7 of 1953. Read our case study on the proper requirements for a valid Will in South Africa.


Direct Marketing in Terms of the Consumer Protection Act

Direct marketing is where a person is approached by a supplier for the purpose of advertising his/her goods for sale, services available, or to request a donation. The Consumer Protection Act gives every person a right to restrict or block any communication from suppliers of this nature.

“Sign here, here and here” Signatures and their consequences

Everyone uses their signature on a regular basis, whether to sign an important contract or a receipt after buying something and paying with a card. Putting a signature on a document has a purpose and can bind a person to whatever is contained in that document. It is quite common for people to sign something without even reading it or knowing what s/he has signed. This article will shed some light on the legal consequences of signatures, as well as the different forms they might come in.