Our Journey

LegalWise dates back to the late 1970’s. It was then that the founder Zak Crafford, a Legal Aid employee at the time, was paid a visit by a humble South African thanking him for his assistance on a case. He thanked him by handing him an envelope carrying R10. The man offered to continue paying the founder R10 every month if he agreed to provide him with legal assistance for the rest of his life. Although the innocent gesture could not be accepted, it certainly highlighted a significant need in society to provide legal protection. Legal protection insurance has existed since the early 1900’s in Europe and arose due to various long and complicated legal disputes experienced by the public.



Empowering affordable & timeous access to justice through which individuals can enforce and defend their legal rights.


The Courts of Law are the guardians of justice. That means people must have access to lawyers. Justice is a pillar of a stable society. To allow it to become a luxury commodity that only the wealthy can afford would be a disaster. If it is to be at a cost, it must be affordable to the vast majority,” Godfrey Pitje, founder of the Black Lawyers Association and member of the LegalWise Board of Directors at its inception in 1984.


To be the choice for people who want to break the barriers and see justice realised in our democratic society.


LegalWise Idea(L) 

  • We stand for justice, fairness & honesty in a democratic society.
  • We protect the rights of our Members whoever the transgressor.
  • We cherish our independence & power to act without interference.
  • We give our Members legal power to enforce & defend their legal rights through professional legal representation.
  • We are essentially just for our Members
  • We believe in loyalty to each other & the ideals of our Company.



  • Our Members are our lifeblood.
  • We are loyal to each other and the ideals of our company.
  • Integrity is non-negotiable.
  • Relationships drive or service.
  • Innovation and imagination create our future.
  • We deliver on our promises.