December 10, 2019

“Growing up in a patriarchal society where, as a female your future is already decided for you, the idea of a young lady waiting to study and not stay home was pretty uncommon. I was fortunate enough to have parents that believed in me and who were willing to break every societal norm to allow me to create my own future and study law. During my second year, my father lost his job which resulted our household having no income. I had to work extra hours at my part time job simply to try and pay off the remainder of my fees. It was at this point that I applied for the LegalWise Member Bursary Programme and I was blessed to receive it. This was my opportunity to achieve the goal I had fought for many years. Not only did LegalWise pay for my studies but they provided me with the opportunity to grow as a person.”

Meet our current Bursary holder - Reshma Maharaj, LLB, University of KwaZulu Natal