December 6, 2019

LegalWise seeks to develop long term partnerships with Non-profit Organisations (NPOs/NGOs) which have the best interests of the community at heart and are willing to share and learn with us in the complex environment of development.

Community Partners

Tears FoundationSilence encourages the tormentor not the tormented.

The impact of the COVID-19 lockdown restrictions in South Africa has placed many women and children at even greater risk, with many trapped at home with their abusers. During the 16 Days of Activism campaign, we are reminded that changing this reality for survivors of abuse requires more than talk – it demands that each one of us speaks out and is heard. 

Mara Glennie, founder of The TEARS Foundation suffered years of abuse and, when she finally found the courage to tell her story, she was faced with disbelief and questioning. Having not received the support she needed when she was at her most vulnerable did not deter her from breaking the silence. Instead of allowing her experience to defeat her, she chose to be the voice for those whose stories are not heard. She realised breaking the silence depended on providing safe spaces for survivors of abuse to share their stories of victory and encouragement. This led her to establish The TEARS Foundation, an organisation that gives voice to survivors and provides them with help when they need it most.

Recognising that no one group can ‘do it alone’ and that we all need to work together to address this scourge, LegalWise is proud to be collaborating with TEARS Foundation in training, providing insight into the legislation aimed at protecting victims from abuse. “Working with Legalwise allows TEARS to explore our excellent laws in a victim centered way,” said Mara Glennie, founder of TEARS.

By providing access to justice through education, LegalWise believes the training will give volunteers and survivors a clearer understanding of their rights which will perhaps enable survivors the strength and courage to reauthor their story from one of abuse to one of courage and overcoming.  

Ikhala Trust – LegalWise supports Ikhala Trust in their efforts to provide small grants to community based organisations with the aim of improving livelihoods in rural areas of the Eastern Cape.

The Message Trust – LegalWise supports The Message Trust Reintegration Programme which aims to assist young men in and out of prison to successfully re-integrate into their communities following their release from prison.

The Message Trust SA was established in 2014 and exists to raise up generations of urban heroes in the hardest to reach communities of Cape Town. LegalWise was the first corporate to partner with The Message Trust, investing in holistic interventions to the barriers young South Africans face.

Over the past 6 years, LegalWise has invested in the Message Enterprise, Prison and Reintegration programme, the objectives for the participant which are: 

  • A reduction in the rate of gangsterism and recidivism;
  • An increase in employment levels following their release from prison;
  • An increase in the successful re-integration into their communities.

We have witnessed the transformation of young men who had previously made bad choices in life.  They are no longer gangsters, but are now “Gangstars” – once rejected by society and now role models in their communities.   

Watch the videos below of our partnership journey with The Message Trust.