Women’s Month is dedicated to the courage and strength shown by the women who stood up against repressive laws in the celebrated 1956 march to make their voices heard and narrate their own stories.

Throughout the last two decades, we’ve seen much progress and a number of incredible wins for women in law in South Africa, all of which have contributed significantly to access to justice. The sharing of unique and authentic lived experiences of women who have attained the pinnacle of success is invaluable to providing a guiding voice for future generations who will traverse this path, whilst simultaneously inspiring all who hear it. When we share our stories, we unfold the uniqueness within each of us to unveil all that makes us whole. 

This Women's Month LegalWise celebrates women with their webinar series "Our stories matter: a dialogue with women in law" hosted by the LegalWise South Africa CEO Siva Gengan and Teresa Yates, National Director of Probono.Org. The dialogue is with Justice Leona Theron, Tebello Motshwane, Candice Pillay and Professor Elsabe Schoeman who will share their stories of how they are using the law as a vehicle to empower women and their communities. Visit https://bit.ly/2Pdlytf  for more information or to join the dialogue.