Teresa Yates is the National Director of ProBono.Org. She was until recently Deputy National Director of the Legal Resources Centre (LRC) and has not only legal training, but a background in human rights and development on the continent. In her 22 years of experience, she has worked at NGOs, for government and as an independent researcher and evaluator. She has acquired a range of important management skills and has also been directly involved in strategic planning, law reform and policy development, fundraising and budgeting, monitoring and writing, and leading diverse teams. Teresa led substantial design work on Alternative Dispute Resolution in the Department of Land Affairs in the 2000s, where she worked in the Tenure Directorate. She has also worked as gender justice coordinator with Oxfam in Tanzania, the South African government and Nkuzi Development Association, a South African land organisation focusing specifically on farm workers, land rights and land reform.

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