LegalWise provides legal counselling and legal representation for you and your family, including your spouse, partner or children under the age of 18.

Protect your family’s legal rights with our Gold, GoldPLUS or Platinum Membership options.

You get:

  • Face-to-face legal counselling and legal assistance with LegalWise’s Legal Counsellors at any of our 80 branches countrywide
  • 24-hour legal assistance via our telephonic LegalLine
  • Access to our network of attorneys who will represent you
  • Legal cover per matter for your legal expenses should you need representation in court or Alternative Dispute Resolution Forum such as the CCMA



The car dealer promised me a lot.
Once I got the car it was the exact opposite. I was unhappy – they didn’t want to take it back. That’s when I went to LegalWise...

How LegalWise works?

Members have nationwide access to our in-house Legal Counsellors, who offer face-to-face and online email-based legal assistance during office hours.

Our Legal Counsellors have extensive experience and training. They are able to advise you, write letters on your behalf and attempt to resolve legal issues without going to court.

Our Legal Counsellors will refer you to an attorney when you have a legal problem that requires a court hearing or representation to an Alternative Dispute Resolution Forum.

Note:  LegalWise by law, may not handle such legal cases in house – they will be referred to our network of attorneys and LegalWise will cover the legal fees per case.

Furthermore, our LegalLine offers telephonic legal assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

LegalWise Membership includes:

  • LegalWise provides legal counselling and assistance and covers legal fees* per case for criminal, civil and labour related matters
  • Legal advice
  • Counselling on court procedures
  • Negotiations and correspondence with third parties on your behalf
  • Assistance and counselling regarding basic legal documents, such as legal contracts
  • Debt relief, like settlement negotiations, consolidations, payment extensions, blacklisting assistance or even bankruptcy

What is NOT covered by LegalWise?

Our policies are kept affordable by not covering:

  • Matrimonial disputes (e.g. contested divorces)
  • Defamation cases
  • Business related matters
  • Admission of guilt fines
  • Cover for legal matters that arose before you joined LegalWise or during your 3-month waiting period*
  • Collective actions
  • Traffic fines
  • Political matters
  • Child maintenance

What you get at over 80 LegalWise Branches countrywide:

When you come to a LegalWise branch, you will consult with a Legal Counsellor, some of whom are admitted attorneys and advocates. The Counsellors provide counselling to you, write letters on your behalf and attempt to resolve legal issues without going to court.

Examples of matters that our Legal Counsellors will assist you with:

  • Insurance problems (e.g. life policy or car insurance claims)
  • Consumer-related problems (e.g. guarantees and defective goods)
  • Home-owner problems (e.g. faulty alterations, home improvements, defective building works)
  • Job-related matters (e.g. unfair dismissals, unfair retrenchments)
  • Criminal charges against a Member or his/her family
  • Motor vehicle problems or accident claims
  • Personal injury claims

Through our extended benefits, LegalWise strives to assist with any legal matters – even if they are not covered by your LegalWise policy, such as:

  • Debt services (e.g. settlement negotiations, debt counselling, rescission of administration orders and judgments)
  • Family Services (e.g. unopposed divorces, child maintenance matters, drafting of basic wills, ante nuptial contracts)
  • Other civil services (e.g. mediation or referrals to Alternative Dispute Resolution forums such as the CCMA, preparation and referral to Small Claims Court)

What happens if our Legal Counsellors refer your matter to an attorney?

The Legal Counsellors will review and assess your situation. They will also deal with any legal work and following the consultation, if needed, will refer you to our network of attorneys. LegalWise will then cover any legal fees* that may arise. In such cases:

  • The attorney will lodge a claim with LegalWise and request confirmation that the matter be covered by your policy
  • LegalWise will advise both you and the attorney – in writing – whether or not your claim is insured under the LegalWise Policy
  • On approval, the attorney will proceed with your matter

Note: Members do have the option of selecting their own attorney but may be responsible to pay towards the applicable attorney tariff rates.*

24 hour Legal Assistance   

We offer telephonic legal counselling and assistance such as bail application, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Money Back Guarantee

Should you find the Membership terms to be less than satisfactory within the 3-month waiting period, you may cancel your LegalWise Membership and request a refund – in writing – within 30 days of the expiry of the 3 months and you will be fully refunded.

3 Months Waiting Period

You have a 3 month waiting period from the date of your first premium payment before LegalWise will pay for legal expenses and we will only cover legal matters that arose after the 3 month waiting period.

However, you get immediate access to our in-house Legal Counsellors and 24 hour LegalLine.

*Terms and conditions apply