LegalWise is embarking on a journey to drive and encourage transformation and equality by offering a #BeyondMentorship programme that targets final year undergraduates. The programme aims to equip the students with skills to overcome challenges, build skills for future goals and milestones, increase their knowledge and give them an opportunity to network.

The programme will be more than just a mentorship programme; it will create a pipeline and a closer relationship with the Universities/ other Educational Institutions to attract the best and brightest talent, effectively becoming an incubator for young talent to drive the business forward. Follow our social media platforms for more information on the #BeyondMentorship programme. 

The programme will be kicked off by an online panel discussion focussing on how to address equality and transformation through mentorship and coaching as well as the current and future skills required to succeed. The webinar, scheduled for Thursday 6 August 2021, is an invitation to listen to four inspirational female leaders and find out how they successfully navigated the transition from student to employee to excel in their field. Attendees will also gain insight into the barriers, trends and actions we can take to continue to foster diversity for female graduates in the world of work.

The benefits of the webinar will be to:

  • Learn about the challenges of making the transition from student to employee/ entrepreneur and how to overcome these challenges.
  • Learn about expanding your career to include entrepreneurial opportunities.
  • Learn about future proofing your skills and which industries require the most transformation. 
  • Learn about avenues that are available for assistance, guidance and mentoring, including the LegalWise Mentorship Programme.

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If you missed the webinar on 6 August 2021 watch here  


Meet our panelists


Prof Mamokgethi