March 4, 2021

After hours bail and our Network Lawyers

LegalWise considers bail as a top priority. In order to provide quick and efficient service to our Members we offer a 24 hour Bail Assist.

Our 24 Hour LegalLine for the Bail Assist is 086 142 7777.

This means that if our Member is arrested after hours, the Member, his or her spouse or family member can contact us with their Membership number, a contact number and the charge details in order for us to provide the Member with assistance for the after hours bail in South Africa. LegalWise will cover the cost of a lawyer who will assist with the bail application only. Further cover will be assessed upon receipt of a claim from your lawyer. It must be noted that LegalWise will only cover the cost of the lawyer's legal fees relating to the bail proceedings and not the bail amount stipulated by Court. We will appoint one of our Network Lawyers to assist you in your after hour bail proceedings, however, you have an option to appoint your own private lawyer.

We encourage our Members to use one of our Network Lawyers in their bail proceedings as we carefully select the attorney firms that are placed on our Network Lawyers for Criminal matters. We only select those attorneys that have the necessary expertise in Criminal Law.

A Service Level Agreement is entered into between LegalWise and these Network Lawyers. This agreement ensures that the Network Lawyer acts in the best interest of our Members and that they execute their mandate in good faith. It also ensures that our Network Lawyer applies standards of professionalism, diligence, quality and ethics required of a practicing lawyer.

Should you at any time have a complaint about the service of the Network Lawyer that we have appointed in your bail proceedings, we can address the complaint and act as an intermediary in any dispute that may arise.

If you, however, you elect to instruct your own private lawyer to represent you in your bail proceedings that lawyer is not bound to work in accordance to our tariffs, terms and conditions and should you at any point experience service issues with the attorney, LegalWise would not be able to address these issues with the lawyer.