August 24, 2021

PHOTO CAPTION. Michaela Booysen, Alumni of the programme.

Our Member Bursary Programme assists students with both financial and mentorship support to give them the best possible chance to successfully acquire a tertiary qualification that will springboard their careers. In preparation for the 2022 academic year, the LegalWise Member Bursary Programme application process opened on 2 August 2021 and invites applications from our Members and their children who have already completed or are currently completing their first year of study at an approved public university towards one of the following degrees: LLB; BCOM (Law); BA (Law); BCOM (Accounting); BCOM (Human Resource Management); BA (Human Resource Management); BCOM (Management); BSc (Industrial Psychology).

“Bursary Holders not only benefit from financial support, but also from academic guidance and psycho-social support provided through our dedicated mentorship programme. Our Alumni also play an active role in integrating new Bursary Holders into the Programme,” says Lesley Haynes, Manager: Employee and Community Engagement.

Graduates of the programme are afforded the opportunity to gain valuable work experience through the service level work placement which commences upon completion of their degree. While employers might require a formal qualification, the skills learned on the job such as attitude, flexibility, motivation, and business etiquette are as important as a degree. In the words of Michaela Booysen, Alumni of the programme, “The bursary programme prepared me for the workplace culture, and because of this, it wasn't difficult for me to integrate into the work environment after my studies. The Legalwise Bursary Programme assisted in developing my legal, interpersonal and soft skills.”

“I currently work as a Legal Counsellor in the Cape Town Branch, and I thrive in this role because of how the Bursary Programme has prepared me to practically apply the law while  also providing me with the skills required to deliver effective service to our Members. Because of this, my professional development has been solid, and I look forward to the opportunities that await me in future!”

As future Brand Ambassadors, our Bursary Holders become part of the family and part of our future. Should you wish to be considered for a LegalWise Bursary, we encourage you to submit your fully completed application form to LegalWise by 30 September 2021. Forms can be downloaded here or collected from your nearest LegalWise Branch.

How can LegalWise help you? Queries regarding the LegalWise Member Bursary Programme can be directed to