November 11, 2021

Read on and you’ll know why you made the right choice.

Why LegalWise?

Since our founding in 1984 a number of companies (for example banks, insurance companies, clothing retailers and mobile networks), have launched products that offer everything from free legal advice to legal cover. With so many choices available, from so many different companies, it's often confusing to know whether or not you are getting the best value for your hard-earned money. So, what makes LegalWise different?

Firstly, we're a specialist.

Protecting the legal rights of our Members is not a small part of what we do, it's all that we do. We don't offer clothes or airtime and data or cheque and savings accounts. We don't offer other forms of insurance, like motor and household insurance. We have a single-minded purpose, enabling you to enforce and defend your rights. 

We're fiercely independent.

We cherish our independence and our power to act without interference, protecting your legal rights, whoever the transgressor (even if it's us).

Think about it, what if you had legal cover with the same company that you had your household contents insurance with, and you had a dispute about a claims payment. Who would you turn to? Do you think the company would be fair and objective in resolving your dispute? Would they allow you to use your legal cover to sue them?

We're so fiercely committed to fairness, we will even let you use your Membership against us.

We offer more than just free legal counselling or just insurance cover.

A prominent lawyer once said, 'free legal advice is worth every cent you pay for it.' Our 140 Legal Counsellors at no charge, will attempt to resolve your matter through corresponding and negotiating with a third party before it needs to go to court. They will even assist you with matters that are not covered by insurance. And unlike many providers, there is no limitation on the usage of this benefit. You have a problem, you can consult with us.

Our Legal Counsellors are qualified lawyers, some of whom are admitted. They're experienced in the types of matters we handle on behalf of our Members and know how to get the best results. Our Legal Counsellors are approachable and will communicate with you in a clear and easy to understand way, free from legal jargon and unnecessary complexity. We monitor the service they offer, ensuring that we meet your expectations and if something goes wrong we have the ability to fix it. Over the last twelve months our dedicated Legal Counsellors have had over 142 000 consultations on new matters with our Members.

And you can consult with us on your own terms, 24/7/365. If you want to meet us face-to-face, we have 49 Branches and Attorney Branches around the country. We also offer the convenience of e-mailing us, talking to us over the phone, or via our new video consultation service on either WhatsApp or Zoom.

We also offer legal cover, so if your matter needs to go to court, we will, subject to the terms and conditions of our Membership Agreement pay for a lawyer to represent you. We offer cover per matter with no maximum on the value per annum. Over the last twelve months we have handled in excess of 20 000 claims on behalf of our Members.

We will refer your matter to the one of the 220 legal firms on our Network, but if you so choose, we give you the option of using your own lawyer.

We offer you options.

We offer Membership options to suit every pocket, ensuring that our comprehensive cover is accessible to all. All our Membership options include your family, spouse or life partner and children, and for labour, civil and criminal matters.

Like with everything in life there are always terms and conditions that apply and we would encourage you to read them and contact us if anything is unclear. For more information on our benefits and Membership options please visit

You can trust us.

We have a 37 year track record, and we are the pioneers of legal cover in South Africa. We remain committed to our founding purpose, enabling you to enforce and defend your rights. 

To give you peace of mind and to meet our obligations we're a registered financial services provider, a voluntary member of the Ombud for Short Term Insurance (OSTI), we work at ensuring that we comply with all the regulation governing the financial services and insurance industries, as regulated by the Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA), the Short-Term Insurance Act and the Legal Practices Act.

Legal Expenses Insurance South Africa Limited who underwrites the LegalWise Membership Agreement was granted the very first specialist insurance license and they remain the largest insurer of legal expenses insurance in South Africa.

Plus, we've been a member of Legal Protection International (LPI) for over 30 years. Membership requires that we remain a specialist provider. Membership allows us to tap into international trends in our industry to ensure that we continually evolve our offering to meet international best practice.

Thinking of switching?

If you are thinking about taking up another legal product or if you've been approached by another company, ask yourself these four questions:

1.    Do they sell other products? Would I be able to use my legal cover if I experienced a problem with one of the other products they offer?

2.    Would I be able to take legal action against the company itself?

3.    Do they offer me a free service that helps sort out my problems without the need of going to court?

4.    Am I able to consult with somebody face-to-face in Branches across the country, with the convenience of also being able to contact them over the phone, via e-mail and video consultations?

If you didn't answer yes to all these questions, we would encourage you to think carefully about your decision to switch.

If we're not living up to your expectations?

If you have had a bad experience or if we are not living up to your expectations, and are thinking about cancelling your Membership and switching please give us an opportunity to fix it. Please contact or 010 271 2255.

Did you know… LegalWise have a 37 year track record and we are the pioneers of legal cover in South Africa.