November 11, 2021

Do it in writing. Use a free LegalWise contract.

Contracts are an integral part of our lives.

Contrary to popular belief, contracts are not only extensively used in business deals but also used in our everyday lives. You might be surprised to know that you may encounter numerous contracts on a daily basis! Activities ranging from signing a business deal, buying a movie ticket, accepting the terms and conditions on a website, boarding a bus and so on, all involve the use of contracts in some form and manner.

What are contracts?

A contract is an agreement where two or more parties agree on certain terms and conditions that will be enforceable between them. The parties agree on the mutual responsibilities, rights and duties they will have towards each other and stipulate same in the contract. For example, who will be responsible for payment, by when payment must be made and what will happen if payment is not made. In other words, a contract regulates the relationship between the parties for a specific instance.

A contract can be a written contract or a verbal contract. However, a written contract is preferred primarily because a written document has more evidentiary value before the law. There are some contracts that cannot be verbal, such as a contract to sell or buy a house.

Generally, the version of the contract that is signed will be the one the parties are bound by and it is very important to read and understand a contract before signing it to ensure that your interests are protected.

LegalWise has now added a Lobolo contract to our list of free and ready to use legal contracts.

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PHOTO CAPTION. A free Lobolo contract is now ready for you to download.