March 2, 2022

A podcast is an audio blog, born in the 2000s to revolutionalise radio in order for content to be downloadable and listened to on the go.

After the word “podcast” was searched for more than 100 000 times on Google in 2005, the New Oxford American Dictionary declared “podcast” the Word of the Year.

Podcasts have since become ubiquitous and it seems everyone has one (Mail & Guardian, 2 July 2021).

Stats provided by National Small Business Chamber indicate that 43% of South Africa's population have listened to a podcast and that podcast listeners went up by 50% in 2018.

In September 2021 our Podcast Series was launched on leading podcast platforms, such as Spotify and Apple. The podcast provides legal advice and industry insight with episodes graced by various thought leaders in their fields who share their legal insight with the aim to educate and empower listeners.

Follow LegalWise on Spotify, Apple, Deezer, Google and all major podcast platforms or visit our website to listen to all the Podcasts that are available. They include topics like “I’m getting married in the morning”, “Understanding legal contracts” and “Understanding your consumer rights”.