December 1, 2019

Dear Member

2019 is quickly drawing to a close. It is hard to imagine that December is upon us. How time flies! However, with its arrival most of us, Members and staff alike will get the opportunity to take some well-deserved rest and time-off to spend with family and loved one's. 

When reflecting on the past year's journey all of us will be filled with joy for what we achieved, apprehension for what we could have done better or did not achieve, but, most of all, we all can look forward to the possibilities of what the new-year will bring. May 2020 be a better year for all in South Africa.

In this publication and in our continued effort to take you on a journey of what it means to be a LegalWise Member, we explain another section of the LegalWise Membership Agreement. We discuss the section of the Agreement relating to “Your chances of succeeding in a Civil or Labour case”. We explain what the section means to you, as a Member and its practical effect on a referred matter.

We are also aware that during this period of the year many of us are likely to travel to visit family or indeed be on holiday. Are you aware of the impending Administrative Adjudication of Road Traffic Offences Act also known as AARTO, law? Learn more about AARTO, the introduction of the Demerit System and which Provinces will be affected. 

In the past months, South Africa has been engulfed under a dark cloud, with killings of women and children. Lives have been cut short and families destroyed. We encourage you, or if you know of someone in an abusive relationship, to seek help. In this issue, we discuss various forms of domestic violence as well as harassment. We have provided a list, albeit not exhaustive, of organisations you can call for further assistance with regards to Gender Based Violence. As a Company we are committed to standing against abuse of any form, look out in our social media feeds for the Campaign we are running for 16 Days of Activism against Violence against Women and Children.

LegalWise's purpose, is, “To make the Idea (L) of LegalWise a reality for the greatest number of appropriate people possible”. As part of our community engagements initiative, we continue to make the law accessible to our communities. In this particular instance, the older South Africans. 

As a LegalWise Member, it is important to us to ensure that you continue to enjoy the benefits the Membership has to offer. In order for this to happen it is important that your premiums are always up-to-date. We note that paying your premium should not be a hassle to either yourself or your loved ones. We have highlighted easy and convenient ways that you can utilise to pay your premiums. Learn more about the different methods.  Furthermore, it is of the utmost importance that we have your latest contact details on file. This ensures that, should we need to, we can send you important information promptly and efficiently.

Did you know that as a LegalWise Member, who is also a teacher, a health professional or a law enforcement officer, you could be eligible for Trauma Counselling and antiretroviral benefits in the event of accidental exposure?

We acknowledge World Aids Day, commemorated on the 1st of December every year. The theme this year is, 'It is my right to know my status; Prevention is my responsibility' and the slogan, 'Let Our Actions Count!' 

This year saw LegalWise celebrating its 35th anniversary. From humble beginnings to now having Branches throughout South Africa as well as in Botswana and Namibia we say HA LA LA LegalWise HA LA LA!!

Happy holidays and travel safely!

Siva Gengan

Chief Executive Officer