March 5, 2024



Dear Member,

Let us take a moment this Human Rights Month to celebrate the progress we have made and to renew our commitment to fostering a society that values and protects the rights of all its citizens. As we reflect on the democratic journey that South Africa has undertaken over the years, it is fitting to recognise the importance of Human Rights Month. This month holds profound significance as it commemorates the sacrifices made by those who fought against the oppressive apartheid regime defending the fundamental rights and dignity of every individual. 

I am proud to announce that LegalWise has been awarded Top Employer of the Year for the second year running. Read more about this prestigious certification.

2024 is an election year in South Africa. The democratic process is a cornerstone of our nation, and the power to choose our leaders is both a privilege and a duty. This year, let us approach the elections with a sense of unity and commitment to shaping the future of our country. Read more about how you can exercise your rights and let your voice be heard. 

President Cyril Ramaphosa made history by signing South African Sign Language (SASL) into law, cementing its status as the country's 12th official language. This significant step not only acknowledges the linguistic diversity of South Africa but also demonstrates a commitment to inclusion and accessibility for the deaf and hard-of-hearing community. This momentous occasion coincides with Human Rights Month in South Africa, emphasising the link between linguistic rights and broader human rights. Read more about South Africa's 12th official language. We touch on the topic of a child's right to education and their entitlement to exercise and express religious beliefs and culture in schools. 

Discover more about the security of your personal information and how the Protection of Personal Information Act safeguards you. 

Our Impact Litigation Unit took Home Affairs to court regarding the unlawful blocking of identity documents of Members and emerged victorious.  Read more about the judgment handed down on 16 January 2024 by the Gauteng High Court in Pretoria whereby the Gauteng High Court declared that the conduct by the Department was unjust. This landmark judgment reaffirms that access to identity documents is a fundamental human right, ensuring individuals can fully participate in society and exercise their citizenship without undue hindrance.

LegalWise continues to mobilise our talents for the good of the community. Read more about how LegalWise in conjunction with the TEARS Foundation provided care packs for survivors of gender-based violence.

Keep an eye out for our latest TV advert airing on SABC 1, 2, 3, eTV, and DStv.

In our quest to ensure that we provide a comfortable environment when visiting our Branches, our Durban Branch has recently been refurbished, we look forward to welcoming you back to the Branch.

Remember you can consult with a Legal Counsellor via our video consultation service on either WhatsApp or Zoom. Stay connected with us! Reach out over the phone, on our website, App, on Facebook Messenger, X Messages, or on WhatsApp (add LegalWise at 071 640 0337 as a contact and say 'Hi')#BeLegalWise

Siva Gengan                                                                       

Chief Executive Officer