August 31, 2020

Dear Member

As we continue to navigate our way through all the pressures that the COVID-19 pandemic has put upon us, in business, our personal lives and as a nation, we have remained resilient. Our LegalWise Champions remain resolved in ensuring that you are able to enforce and defend your rights. Under strict COVID-19 rules our Branches remain open and available to you on an appointment only basis. Please observe the COVID-19 rules when you visit our Branches by ensuring that you wear a mask, sanitise your hands and observe social distancing.

In this edition of the WiseUp Newsletter, we celebrate Women's Month. Learn more about how LegalWise celebrated the month of August by engaging with four (4) powerful women within the legal fraternity via webinars in a series entitled, “OurStoriesMatter- A Dialogue with Women in Law”.  It is over 60 years since the phrase "wathinta bafaz wathinti mbokodo" (you strike a women, you strike a rock) has come to represent women's courage and strength in South Africa. Throughout the years, women continue to look for ways to make their voices heard and narrate their own stories. Read more about the empowerment and advancement of South African Women in the article “Using the Law to Empower Women”. Learn more about what the law says regarding the COVID-19 impact on pregnant employees and maternity leave.

We encourage you to download the LegalWise App and enjoy its many benefits. From being able to access your Membership card, Schedule of Insurance and Membership Agreement, to being able to pay your LegalWise Premiums, switch Membership, and add or change your Beneficiaries, the LegalWise App really does put legal power at your fingertips.

Our Bursary applications for 2021 are now open. Take note of the deadline and the criteria and ensure that your application form reaches us in good time for consideration.

In our quest to be part of the solution in curbing the COVID-19 pandemic you do not have to be unnecessarily exposed whilst on your way to paying your LegalWise premiums. Read more about changing your method of payment to either a Stop Order or Debit Order.  It is easy, give us a call and one of our Champions will assist you through the process


Yours sincerely,

Siva Gengan

Chief Executive Officer