November 11, 2021

South Africa is experiencing a youth crisis. With high youth unemployment, limited positive role models, extra-mural activities or safe spaces in their communities, many young people fall into a life of crime, gangsterism and drug addiction.

The mission of The Message Trust, based in Cape Town, is to identify at-risk youth in the communities they serve and provide them with opportunities to discover and fulfil their purpose, so that they can start a ripple effect of transformation. “Our programmes provide a platform for young people to flourish in faith and life, and we mobilise young people to be on mission – to become transformational leaders who catalyse a ripple effect of positive change in their community,” says Dr. Tim Tucker, CEO of The Message Trust.

A long-time CSI partner of LegalWise, The Message Trust partners with local churches in marginalized neighbourhoods to establish Community Transformation Hubs which provide a safe environment for young people to engage in after school programmes including life skills, discipleship, educational support and fun-based youth activities. They also facilitate opportunities at schools and through community outreaches, for young people to serve their community alongside The Message Trust team.

The first Community Transformation Hub was launched early in 2019 in Nyanga and more recently, a second Hub was launched in Parkwood in Cape Town. LegalWise was one of the first corporates to partner with The Message Trust and is proud to have contributed to the establishment of the Community Transformation Hub in Nyanga since 2019. Phase two of the Nyanga Hub was launched in September 2021.

LegalWise is committed to supporting The Message Trust Community Transformation programme as we believe that by providing platforms for young people to access quality educational support and excel in sports and recreation in safe community spaces, we contribute to creating transformational leaders for the future. We can help to equip young agents of change to lead with boldness, and to impact their families, schools, and communities for good.

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PHOTO CAPTION. The Community Transformation Hub in Nyanga