March 4, 2021

Rush out to pay your LegalWise premium when you can switch to a Debit Order or Stop Order

Make it easy on yourself. Avoid having to travel, carry cash and stand in queues. Switch your LegalWise premium payment to a Debit Order or Stop Order.

A Debit Order is an agreement between you and LegalWise, where you authorise LegalWise to take an agreed amount of money from your bank account on a monthly basis. Your premiums are deducted directly from your bank account on a preferred date so there is  no need for you to carry cash to pay your premiums.

A Stop Order is a mandate signed by you that authorises your employer to deduct your LegalWise premium from your salary and pay it over to LegalWise. It is a much safer way of paying premiums as deductions are made directly from your salary and a regular payment is made which means cover under your Membership is maintained.

If you are interested in paying your Membership by a Debit Order or Stop Order please call 086 155 5654.