January 16, 2024

LegalWise, the pioneer in legal expenses insurance, announces the launch of the Legacy Accumulator, a new lump sum cash loyalty benefit designed to provide essential financial support and peace-of-mind to its Members during challenging times.

In the unfortunate event of the main Member’s passing, the Legacy Accumulator provides immediate assistance to their nominated beneficiaries, ensuring their financial stability during a difficult time. The Legacy Accumulator, which is available to LegalWise GoldPLUS and Platinum Members at no additional cost, pays a lump sum, in cash, based on the main Member's continuous premiums paid over the most recent 36 months, effective from 1 January 2024.

The pay-out can help pay for living expenses such as rent, the mortgage, utilities and groceries, settling outstanding debts, providing for child care costs and school fees or even ensuring access to funds for mental health support through counselling.  

Terms and conditions do apply. To learn more, visit https://bitly.ws/39DwF.