Gold Membership
R100 per month.
Up to R100 000 for
legal fees per case
GoldPlus Membership
R154 per month.
Up to R154 000 for
legal fees per case
Platinum Membership
For R260 per month.
Up to R260 000 for
legal fees per case

Added Optional Benefits

Teacher, Healthcare Professional, Enforcement Officer Benefit

An additional option for teachers, healthcare professionals, police, security guards and members of the defence force. Add it to the plan you choose for R20 per month and you will get:

  • Up to an extra R60 000 for legal fees from matters arising during the course and scope of your employment.
  • Free antiretroviral treatment. In the case of accidental exposure to HIV.
  • Trauma counselling that includes telephonic, face-to-face, couple and group therapy conducted by skilled professionals.
  • LegalSure Insurance Benefits for defamation to protect your professional reputation even if it requires going to court.

Extended Family Protection Benefit

An option that allows you to add up to 5 extended family members to your LegalWise Membership for only R70 each per month.

  • It gives each of them up to R70 000 cover for legal fees per case plus all the other benefits and protection of Gold Membership.
  • Extended family members are parents, parents-in-law, your children over the age of 21, brothers, sisters and brothers and sisters-in-law.