"Education is the most powerful weapon we could use to change the world" - Nelson Mandela.


Teaching is the profession which gives birth to other professions, which is why we have specifically designed a product to cater for all the challenges that come with it.  Your profession comes with legal rights, start using them.


Teachers not only enjoy our main Membership benefits but for an additional R20 per month qualify for these teacher specific benefits:

  • Up to an extra R60 000 for legal fees from matters arising during the course and scope of your employment.
  • Free antiretroviral treatment. In the case of accidental exposure to HIV.
  • Trauma counselling that includes telephonic, face-to-face, couple and group therapy conducted by skilled professionals.
  • LegalSure Insurance Benefits for defamation to protect your professional reputation even if it requires going to court.


LegalWise provides para-legal services in our Branches, over the phone or by e-mail and will pay the legal fees for a lawyer to represent you and your family, including your spouse or life partner and children in legal proceedings.


Terms and conditions apply*. Refer to the LegalWise Membership Agreement.


  Gold Gold Plus Platinum
Premium R100 R154 R260
Cover R100 000 R154 000 R260 000
Add Teacher Legal Plan R20 R20 R20
Total Premium R120 R174 R280
Extra Cover R60 000 R60 000 R60 000
Cumulative Cover R160 000 R214 000 R320 000









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