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To expand the scope of protection to our Members, LegalWise has introduced two products that seek to provide health and law enforcement professionals with appropriate legal assistance in their profession. For an additional R15 per month and providing up to R55 000 worth of cover, the Health Professional and Law Enforcer Legal Plans are available as top-up products for individuals with an existing LegalWise Membership or as an add on for new Members on a Gold GoldPlus or Platinum Membership.  

Jan Luwes, Chief Executive Officer at LegalWise says: “Our range of profession specific products, which includes the Teacher Legal Plan, is a response to the challenges faced by teachers, health and law enforcement professionals in their chosen careers.”  LegalWise Members will receive legal assistance in matters pertaining to their profession with special emphasis on defamation. If teachers, law enforcement or health professionals are implicated through either written or spoken false statements, LegalWise will protect their professional reputation by providing adequate legal support.

Despite the extremely difficult challenges professionals face, they receive little or no acknowledgement for their work, thus Luwes explains: “The profession specific legal plans respond to these needs by providing a product that protects, guides and supports their rights and integrity, whilst assisting those they serve to access improved healthcare services, education and uphold and enforce the law appropriately.” To this end LegalWise endeavours to ensure that all professionals in South Africa are aware of their rights and where those rights are then infringed upon, provide Members’ with an appropriate legal solution to enforce and defend their rights.

In addition, the profession specific legal plans offer access to services such as telephonic and face to face trauma consultations offered by skilled professionals and free antiretroviral treatment in the case of accidental exposure to HIV.  

Luwes concludes, “Our commitment is to uphold the dignity of these professions by empowering and awarding them the respect that they deserve, allowing them to serve with dedication, professionalism and diligence in their communities.”

The Health Professional Legal Plan and Law Enforcer Legal Plan launched in August 2014.