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New Membership Benefits, Limits, Restrictions & Exclusions

The LegalWise Membership Agreement has been updated to make it even easier to read - it also provides more details on what's covered, and what's not and it explains how to get the benefits of your Membership. The new Agreement also has a few changes to the benefits, limits, restrictions and exclusions, the most important of which are set out below. The new Agreement will come into effect on 1 October 2017.

Additional Benefits & Restrictions

  1. Section 4, which outlines the matters that are eligible for insurance benefits, includes an additional benefit and restriction. 
    Personal injury, illness, or death of another person or that person's pet as a result of AN ACT or OMISSION by You or Your pet or children;
    Or Personal injury, illness, or death of a Member or his/her pet as a result of AN ACT or OMISSION by another person or pet; 
    Banking, Insurance, Pension, Wills and Investment matters are limited to the Maximum Financial Value of R1 000 000.


  1. Section 5 stipulates that you can cancel Your Membership at any time without any cancellation fees or penalties.

Life Partner

  1. In response to a number of queries, Section 1 of the new Agreement defines a 'Life Partner' as 'a person who, at the time a Benefit is claimed, lives with, and has lived with the Main Member as if they were married by civil rights or customary law, for at least 2 years.

Premium Payments

  1. Section 2 stipulates that your premiums must be paid in full every month and that partial payments do not constitute a payment. Further Section 12 states that your premium is due on the 1st day of every month, however that you have until the end of the month to pay your premium.

Reporting a Claim 

  1. Section 3 provides that you have 90 days after your Membership has been cancelled to report a matter to us to enjoy Insurance Benefits in respect of matters that qualify.
  2. Section 11 provides that if you choose to use a lawyer who is not on the LegalWise Network you have 7 days to submit the LegalWise Claim Form to us to enjoy Insurance Benefits.
  3. Section 16 includes a 6 month maximum period in which you must report a retrenchment or disablement to enjoy the benefit.


  1. Whereas the old Membership Agreement required an excess of 3 months premiums to be paid on the first consultation with a Lawyer, the new Agreement waives the First Amount Payable (excess) on all Membership options.


  1. Section 6, which outlines the exclusions now includes that;
    • Disputes below a Minimum Threshold Value of R5 000 which can be settled in the Small Claims Court or for which there is an official dispute resolution service are excluded from Insurance Benefits.
    • Debt Counselling proceedings and related applications in terms of the National Credit Act are excluded.
    • The exclusions for criminal matters have been amended.

Please take note: The new Membership Agreement will only apply after 1 October 2017. It will not affect our existing obligations to Members made under the previous terms for matters that arose before the change. 

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