June 12, 2020


Creating opportunities for youth employment

Our Member Bursary and Internship Programmes aim to equip young professionals with the skills and qualifications necessary to secure employment.

South Africa is faced with a crisis of high youth unemployment, with the unemployment rate among youth aged 15–34 years currently at an estimated 53.18%.

The lack of employment opportunities for our youth has a direct impact on the economic growth of our country and requires action from all sectors to turn the tide.

LegalWise is committed to making a positive contribution to the youth unemployment crisis by providing access to education through our Member Bursary Programme and offering work-experience opportunities through our Internship Programme. Both programmes are aimed at equipping young professionals with the qualifications, skills and experience necessary to secure employment.

Our Member Bursary Programme assists students with financial and mentorship support to enable them to acquire a tertiary qualification to pursue a career in fields where LegalWise has a business requirement to recruit. During their studies, bursary holders are afforded the opportunity to gain on-the-job experience through vacation  work and, following the successful completion of their degree, they are provided with employment within the business, the length of which is determined by the number of years for which they received a bursary. This workplace experience provides graduates from the Bursary Programme with a competitive advantage which sets them apart from their peers in the  job-seeking  market.

When recruiting, workplace experience is one of the crucial factors employers consider when deciding who gets their foot in   the door and employers are more likely to hire a candidate with internship and work experience than someone with only a tertiary qualification. The purpose of our Internship Programme is to provide an opportunity for graduates to gain valuable work experience relevant to their field  of study. During the 2019/2020 period, LegalWise placed ten interns in various areas of the business; of which five have subsequently attained a permanent position with the Company. In future, we plan to expand the Internship Programme by offering opportunities to interns in all nine provinces, in different areas of the business.

Our interns and bursary holders are viewed as part of the LegalWise family; receiving constant training, coaching and mentoring aimed at guiding them in their chosen career paths. We are confident that the skills gained by these young professionals through participating in our Bursary and Internship Programmes will prepare them  for a successful professional  future and enable them to make a valuable contribution to the economy  of  our  country.