August 31, 2020

Dear Legalise

Every day is full of success stories. Here are examples from satisfied LegalWise Members.

Dear LegalWise,

I hereby wish Senior Management, Branch Managers and staff of LegalWise good health during our National COVID 19 lockdown. This is a first for South African's and many challenges and changes need to be implemented to survive.

1.    Ashmitha Bhagwathipersad - Durban Branch Manageress.

2.    Jenny Chetty - Durban Branch Legal Counsellor.

3.    Shereen Ramroop - Durban Branch Supervisor.

4.    Sinothemba Mseleku - Empangeni Branch Manageress.

5.    Gwen Simon - Empangeni Branch Legal Counsellor.

6.    Loshini Ramalu - Empangeni Branch Supervisor.

7.    Phindile Ntshalintshali - Empangeni Branch Legal Counsellor.

My challenges were experienced with my tenants that I have / had during COVID-19. My difficulty arose when my tenants defaulted with rental payments, breaching of signed lease agreements, moving out of the premises, and new tenants requesting to move in and with new lease agreements required to be drawn up and signed professionally. I also had a need for an Acknowledgement Of Debt {AOD} to be done.

At times I was under stress, as to how to manage the situation.

Mrs. Gengan, I must draw your attention to your competent staff (mentioned) who stood out and went beyond the line of their duties for me during COVID-19 and assisted me in resolving some of my issues.

Your offices being closed and staff basically working from home with limited access but this did not deter them.

I have also noticed / experienced excellent inter Branch communication amongst your staff.

Your Legal Counsellor, Jenny Chetty was my frontline communicator for my issues and your Branch Manager Ashmitha Bhagwathipersad, also promptly responded when copied on communication. I was advised and assured that I can communicate anytime on any matters. Also your supervisor kept me appraised with progress on my matters.

The Branch Manager from Empangeni, called me from her home to advise me on the status of my matters. I clearly remember receiving communications after hours and over weekends just to keep me updated on my matters.

I have received payments from the defaulted tenant already who had signed the AOD.

During the COVID-19 lockdown most of the Attorney Offices were closed and the public had no access , guidance, communication or consults.

As a Member of LegalWise I was afforded and privileged to having assistance, continuous communication and feedback on my matters with documentation done and completed as required. Now this is when I can positively say: DON'T TALK TO ME TALK TO MY LAWYER.

I would be failing in my duties if I did not thank Mrs. S. Gengan, for grooming, mentoring, delegating, coaching, meeting deadlines and excellent customer services. Leading by example.

I wish management and staff of LegalWise SAFETY during this COVID-19 Pandemic.

Kind regards.

Shaam Inderlal

Assisted by Durban and Empangeni Branches

Dear Sir/Madam,

I wish to extend my sincere and heartfelt thanks and appreciation to one of your staff members at the Johannesburg Branch. Ayanda Cele has truly been a great pleasure to know for her dedicated and professional hard work in assisting me with my long outstanding matter to try recoup monies owed. Kindly extend my thanks and best wishes.

Thank you.

Yours sincerely,

WJ Osiecki

Assisted by our Johannesburg Branch

Dear LegalWise,

 I would like to thank Pontsho Dipela and the LegalWise Team at the Bellville Branch.

All of your colleagues, and I mean all of them, were  friendly and great at all times.

When I visited the Branch for an appointment, I never experienced a long waiting time and Pontsho was always pleasant, helpful, and kind. Always ready to listen to me as a client and explain everything in a way I could understand.

I am very happy with the service and the work that you did regarding my case with the telephone company.

 I will recommend people to join Legal Wise.


Esric Van Der Vent

Assisted by our Bellville Branch