June 11, 2020


Know and understand Section 16 in your Membership Agreement


1. This Benefit is an integral part of the Agreement. (This benefit forms part of your Membership subject to the terms outlined further and no action is required from you).                                 

It cannot be bought as a stand-alone policy.

2. If the Main Member is retrenched or becomes totally and temporarily disabled to work (TTD) after the Period of Continuous Paid Up Membership shown in your Schedule of Insurance: (You have to have been a continuous premium payer for a minimum period of 12 months, uninterrupted, for you to qualify for this benefit). 

- Your Membership will be treated as Paid Up for the Maximum TTD Number of Months shown in your                       

Schedule of Insurance; (In other words, your LegalWise Membership will   be treated as paid up for a maximum period of 6 months).

- During this period, while out of work, you don't have to pay the premiums; (For those 6 months you  are assured that your Membership will be treated as active and up to date in premium payments).

- You must provide us with proof of the retrenchment or disablement; (As an example, a notice issued by your employer will be required as proof. We do from time to time check and verify these documents with the relevant parties).

- The disablement must be due to an Accident;

- The maximum period within which you must report the retrenchment or disablement, is shown in your Schedule of Insurance. (You have to ensure that your claim for the benefit is reported to us within a maximum period of 6 months).