August 31, 2020

Download the latest version LegalWise App and explore the many ways you can benefit.

How to get started

Download the latest version LegalWise App from your Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

Register to use the App by following these easy steps. You will receive an OTP for security purposes when you register for the first time.

Login to the LegalWise App to view your  Member Profile on the App home screen.

How you can benefit

>     View your Schedule of Insurance.

>     Access your Membership Card.

>     Download your Membership Agreement.

>     Make Premium payments.

>     Add or remove benefits.

>     Update your personal details.

>     Add, delete or change your beneficiary’s and insured person’s details.

>     Find a Lawyer and search per province, city and   legal matter.

>     View SMSs and emails sent to you by LegalWise.

>     Give us a compliment or submit a complaint.

Queries? You can ask our chatbot at any time, and we will promptly attend to your questions.


>     When you register please ensure that your cell phone number matches what LegalWise has on record.

>     When you reset your password you will receive an OTP within 15minutes. If you do not, please contact Member Administration under the Contact Us option.

>     If the scan option is not working at EasyPay points when you try viewing your Membership card, please contact Member Administration for assistance.

>     You can search for Branches nearest to you. Just make sure that your phone location is turned on.

>     You can use the chat Bot to get quick responses to frequently asked questions.