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  31 January 2018  
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Empowering the Community of Zandspruit through Financial Literacy

Educating people on how to manage their finances responsibly underpins the Consumer Financial Education initiatives implemented by LegalWise. According to research many people survive on a day to day basis, unable to respond if they are faced with a major expense. Almost half of the people surveyed indicated that they are unable to make ends meet on a monthly basis.

In the community of Zandspruit on the Westrand, LegalWise hopes to change this trend by offering Consumer Financial Education training through the “My Money, My Life” initiative. LegalWise partnered with Jewels of Hope, a non-profit organisation who has worked with the community for over five years, providing training and support for micro-enterprise initiatives. Over a three-month period, community members participated in training aimed at providing them with the skills necessary to successfully manage their money. Topics covered included effective budgeting, saving and investment, banking and the insurance industry and how to use money wisely.

Some of the Zandspruit delegates are also participating in a micro-enterprise programme aimed at assisting them to identify income generating opportunities using the resources they already have. Mentorship, which has been identified as one of the key success factors, will be provided for a period of twelve months to guide them through this process.

We believe that these interventions will assist with surfacing previously unrecognised resources which can be used to address some of the economic challenges faced by this vibrant community.

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Empowering the community of Zandspruit through financial literacy
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