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  June 2016  
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Frequently asked questions
LegalWise will advise and assist you on all of these topics and more.

Question: When may an employee take family responsibility leave?

  • An employee is entitled to 3 days family responsibility leave during each annual leave cycle (12 months). Family responsibility leave is paid leave.
  • Family responsibility leave may be taken in the following circumstances:
    • the birth of a child;
    • illness or death of a child; or
    • death of a spouse, life partner, parent or immediate family member, such as, a brother or a sister.
  • An employee may have to submit proof of the reason why s/he applied for family responsibility, for example, a medical certificate confirming the illness of a child.

Question: Are maternity leave benefits payable to men by the Unemployed Insurance Fund (“Fund”)?
Answer: The Fund, currently, only pays maternity benefits to women.

Question: What benefits may be claimed from the Unemployment Insurance Fund (“Fund”)?
Answer:  The types of benefits that may be claimed are:

  • Unemployment benefits
    • Illness benefits
    • Maternity benefits
    • Adoption benefits
    • Dependant benefits
  • A person claiming a benefit will not be entitled to such a benefit if s/he does not comply with certain requirements, such as, completing the required forms, providing the relevant documentation, reporting at certain times and dates, or refusing to attend training when requested by the Fund.

Question: Are there any duties that an employee must comply with?
Answer: An employee has the following duties:

  • Placing his/her services at the disposal of the employer. For example, an employee will not be entitled to his/her salary if s/he does not show up for work.
  • Performing his/her tasks with the necessary skill, care and efficiency. S/he must be capable of performing the tasks that s/he agreed to with the employer when s/he was employed.
  • Co-operating with his/her employer's lawful and reasonable instructions. An employee must also abide by employer rules and procedures. For example, an employee must abide by the employer rules that regulate working hours.
  • Acting in good faith and in the interests of the employer's business. An employee must avoid conflicts of interest, in other words, the employee must devote his/her time at work to the business of the employer and not to the business of someone else.
  • Refraining from acts of misconduct, for example, dishonesty, theft and so on.

How can LegalWise assist you?
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