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  Legalwise Wiseup  
  June 2016  
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How to conveniently & safely pay for your LegalWise Membership

There are different premium payment methods that you can use to ensure that your LegalWise Membership is always up to date.  We recommend the following:

Option One:

Paying by Payroll deduction. Also known as a Stop Order.

This is a direct deduction from your salary and paid over to LegalWise by your employer on your behalf at no cost to you.

Stop Order payment of your monthly LegalWise premium offers numerous financial benefits to you:

  • You are not paying any fees for this facility – it is offered to you FREE OF CHARGE!
  • LegalWise pays a small collection fee to your employer to administer the payroll deductions on your behalf.
  • Regular Stop Order premium payments mean that your legal protection cover is maintained under your LegalWise Membership.
  • It is a hassle free and convenient method to ensure your monthly premiums are regularly paid.

What you must do:

    1. Ensure your employer has an agreement with LegalWise to deduct your LegalWise premium from your salary and pay it to LegalWise.
    2. Sign a Stop Order form (mandate to deduct from your salary) and submit it at your nearest Branch or call our Stop Order department on 011 470 4000 and we will assist you.
  • If you are a government employee, your mandate and instruction to deduct your LegalWise premium from your salary can be done telephonically by contacting our Call Centre on
    011 470 4000. We will record your authorisation and submit it to your employer on your behalf.
  • If you have any queries, please contact our Stop Order department on 011 470 4000.

Option Two:

Paying by Debit Order

  • This payment method is by means of a deduction form your bank account.
  • All you need to do is to supply LegalWise with the details of your bank account (name of bank, account type, account number, branch code) and a mandate to deduct from your bank account. This can also be done by telephone – just call 011 470 4000 and we will record your request and mandate.
  • LegalWise will conveniently deduct your LegalWise monthly premium from your bank account on the agreed date.
  • Please make adequate provision for your LegalWise premium to be deducted from your bank account to prevent any bank penalties.
  • Should we be unable to deduct your LegalWise premium from your bank account, an SMS will be sent to you.
  • If the LegalWise premium deduction fails, a double deduction will be processed the following month to catch up the arrear payment.
  • Please ensure that you update your personal details when they change.

Our Members are important to us.
If you have any queries regarding your LegalWise Membership, you are welcome to  call  us  on 
011 470 4000.

Did you know?
For your convenience you can now pay your premiums at any LegalWise Branch using your Debit Card.

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