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  Legalwise Wiseup  
  September 2016  
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LegalWise continues to make a difference in the Communities in which we operate
by supporting Small Business Development.

LegalWise believes that it is ideally placed to make a significant contribution to addressing the high levels of unemployment in our country through the development of Small, Micro and Medium Enterprises (SMME's).

Gangstar Enterprise Development is the brainchild of The Message Trust, a faith-based organisation whose mission is to reach young people, break the cycle of poverty, unemployment, gangsterism and crime and raise a generation of heroes. “No longer gangsters but Gangstars” is the motto of this enterprise development initiative which aims to provide selected ex-offenders with the opportunity to operate their own business by providing them with a ten month Entrepreneurship Programme. This programme provides them with the business training and on-going support required for success.

LegalWise has developed a long-term relationship with The Message Trust over a number of years and has identified the Gangstar Enterprise Development initiative as an opportunity to support the vision of the organisation while contributing to the development of small businesses. LegalWise will provide enterprise development support to identified micro-businesses in the Gangstar Enterprise Development stable over a period of five years. These businesses include 'The Soft Machine', a mobile business offering gourmet soft serve ice-cream at various events; 'Gangstar Gear', a clothing and merchandise brand and 'Gangstar Furniture' which re-purposes old wooden packing pallets. To date, funding has been used by The Soft Machine for the refurbishment of their food truck and by Gangstar Gear for product development and operational costs. The aim is to ensure that these businesses become operationally and financially independent, capable of providing employment for others in future.

The partnership with Gangstar Enterprise Development affords LegalWise the opportunity to support individuals who have recognised their ability to influence and contribute to their own development while building sustainable micro-businesses which will contribute to strengthening our economy.

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