• Does LegalWise assist with executorship?
  • Does LegalWise cover labour related matters for the main Member’s business?
  • Why do you not cover defamation of character?
  • Section 6(29)(b) is a common exclusion for traffic fines where there is an option to pay a fine without a conviction being recorded against my name, but will still be regarded as an exclusion where I dispute liability.
  • Why do we use, "Don’t talk to me, talk to my lawyer" as a slogan if I will be sent to another lawyer who is not a LegalWise employee and why can’t your appointed Legal Counsellors appear in court on my behalf?
  • Can I take out GAP Cover to cover attorney fees above LegalWise’s Schedule of Tariffs/Cover amounts?
  • SARS has sued me for Tax Evasion – Can LegalWise help me?
  • Does the LegalWise policy cover class actions?