Get a lawyer on your side when you need one

LegalWise provides para-legal services in our Branches, over the phone or by e-mail and will pay the legal fees for a lawyer to represent you and your family, including your spouse or life partner and children in legal proceedings.

Protect your family's legal rights and get a lawyer on your side when you need one for:

Personal injury claims, damage to physical property and consumer problems (i.e. defective consumer goods or services, violation of your rights in terms of the Consumer Protection Act or over charging by a supplier).
Home and accommodation problems (i.e. breach of contract, damage to or wrongful attachment of your house or household possessions, faulty workmanship or landlord and Body Corporate issues).
Motor vehicle problems (i.e. damage as a result of an accident, breach of contract, wrongful repossession, defective workmanship, latent defects, overcharging by a supplier or wrongful rejection of insurance claims).
Education problems (i.e. breach of contract, disciplinary proceedings).
Status, reputation and identity problems (i.e. financial loss as a result of a negligent act, a defamation claim against you or financial loss as a result of identity theft).
Employment matters (i.e. breach of contract, unfair retrenchment or dismissal, wrongful rejection of a workman's compensation claim, injury or CCMA award that requires enforcement).
Banking, insurance, pensions, Wills and investment problems (i.e. wrongful withholding or late payment of pension or retirement benefits, wrongful rejection of insurance claims, wrongful or negligent distribution of assets or negligent conduct of a broker, claims assessor or financial adviser).
Criminal charges.




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