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ACCIDENT REPORT: an official document containing all the details of the accident.

Accident Report - What is an Accident Report?

An official document containing all the details of the accident.

Accused - What does the Accused mean?

A person who has allegedly committed a criminal offence like theft, rape or murder.

Administrator - What is an Administrator in legal terms?

A person appointed by a Magistrate’s Court to collect and distribute payments of the debtor amongst his/her creditors.


ADVERSE CONSUMER CREDIT INFORMATION: it is information of a consumer which includes classification of consumer behaviour such as “default”, “slow paying”, or “not contactable”; classification of actions such as “handed over for collection or recovery”, “legal action” or “written-off”; details and results of disputes lodged by consumers irrespective of the outcome of such disputes and so on.

Affidavit - What is an Affidavit?

A written statement made under oath before a Commissioner of Oaths, for example, a member of the South African Police Service or an attorney.

Aggravation - What does Aggravation mean?

Factors given by the employer to convince the chairperson that the employee must be dismissed or some other sanction should be given. Examples of aggravating circumstances of the employer include the disciplinary record of the employee (previous warnings for similar misconduct); impact of the misconduct on the employer; breakdown of the trust relationship; the level of seniority of the employee; and so on.


ALTERNATIVE DISPUTE RESOLUTION AGENT: a person that assists in resolving disputes through conciliation, mediation or arbitration. Such a person must be registered and accredited by the National Credit Regulator.

Ante Nuptial Contract - What is an ante nuptial contract?

A contract entered into to regulate whether a marriage will be out of community of property with/without the accrual system. An ante nuptial contract must be signed by the persons entering into a marriage, two witnesses and a notary public, and it must be registered in the Deeds Registries office within the prescribed time period.

Application - What does Application refer to in legal terms?

Where a court gives a judgment based on the papers placed before it (such as an affidavit). There is no verbal evidence given in court.