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Immovable Property - What is immovable property?

Is property that cannot be moved, for example, a house, sectional title unit or farm.

Incestuous Relationship - What is a incestuous relationship?

A sexual relationship between persons who are closely related, for example, brothers and sisters or a father and his daughter.


A person indemnifies another person from liability by giving up his/her right to sue a person when s/he suffers damages, loses something or gets injured.

Independent Contractor

A person (“contractor”) being hired by another person (“contractor”) to do specific work, for example, a contractor undertaking to build, repair or do something (services) within a certain period of time, and a business undertaking to pay him/her. A contractor is not under the control of the business, thus independent; s/he is must just produce the required results within a period of time. A business does not have to contribute to unemployment insurance, injuries on duty, skills development for a contractor or register him/her with the Department of Labour or SARS. 


INSTALMENT AGREEMENT: when a consumer borrows money to buy, possess and use goods while making payment towards the loan amount, together with interest and/or fees/charges. Ownership will transfer when the loan amount is paid off. For example, a motor vehicle.



A court order that prohibits a person from committing a certain act.

Interim Protection Order

Is a court order confirming temporary protection, prohibiting the respondent from harassing the complainant. It is generally issued on the first day when the complainant applies for a protection order.


The prescription period is broken and will start running afresh.


When a person dies without leaving a Will.